Plugable USBC-NVMe and TBT3-NVMe 512

So if you have Windows machine or an old Mac (mine is from 2012) without Thunderbolt, you can use USB 3 gen 1 or USB-C. I've got an old Windows PC with ASUS USB 3.1 Type-C card and Asus Z97-P motherboard (=old)

With USB-A (the original/old style) I got 41 MB/s in write speed, but with USB-C it's 312, that's almost 8x faster! And it's probably bottle-necked by the internal SSD 850 EVO

From Samsung 850 EVO 500GB to USBC-NVME

Copying to itself it's ~400MB/s

From USBC-NVME to USBC-NVME (same disk)

USB-C to Thunderbolt 3

I need a way to transfer files between computers having USB-C 3.x ports and ones that have Thunderbolt 3, like newer Windows machines and Macs. So I got a TBT3-NVME 512GB with a M2.NVMe and move the SSD to the USBC-NVMe enclosure that does not include a disk. Just unscrew 4 screws underneath the rubber pads.

Moved the SSD to USBC enclosure

Now I have a portable disk that is really fast and I can use it across all computers we have. Main purpose is to consolidate all the images we have - although 512 GB is not enough.


Copying from USB 2.0 SanDisk MicroMate SD-card reader to USBC-NVME:

Copying from "Sandisk ImageMate Pro USB-C" via "UCB-C to USB 3.0 converter" to USBC-NMVE:


So the drive did not show up, neither using regular USB-A nor USB-C ports until I updated the firmware to 1.23.15. Once I upgraded, everything worked fine on Windows 10.
The update tools and firmware can be downloaded from Plugable website: